Mission Statement

“Together with parents and community, we accept no excuses for student success; we strive to ensure an academically rigorous, character-based curriculum to prepare our students for college and careers of tomorrow.”

Charter School of the Dunes is a public school available as an educational option for children in the City of Gary and its surrounding communities. Together, through our partnership with our sponsor Calumet College of St. Joseph, we have developed an outstanding educational choice for the students and families of our community.

School Visitation Guidelines

Please assist us in maintaining a safe and orderly educational environment by following these procedures:

  • Please report to the main office. Sign in, state your business, and obtain a pass. Please wear your pass the entire time you are visiting Charter School of the Dunes. All visitors are asked to sign out when leaving the building.
  • The office staff will notify the teacher of your visit. We ask that you leave siblings at home.
  • Upon entering the classroom, please find a comfortable location to observe, without interrupting instruction.
  • Under no circumstances is there to be any interaction between the observer and anyone in the classroom.
  • Please leave a written note for the teacher in the office if you would like a conference.
  • Use of cell phones or other electronic devices is not allowed during classroom visits.
  • Visits are limited to 30 minutes in order to avoid distraction or disruption to the teacher’s schedule and classroom atmosphere.
  • No parent may observe or visit a classroom during an assessment.
  • The principal reserves the right to decline the request for classroom observation if it is determined that such an observation would cause undue disruption in the educational process.